PAT Test Stickers : Keeping your employees safe

PAT Test Labels can be quite beneficial for almost all manufacturing companies. These manufacturing companies are basically capital intensive which means that they employ much more machinery than human labor. Hence, this means that the employees of the company basically operate the heavy machinery, hence they need to be at ease while using the heavy equipment and big electronic devices. This can be done by getting your machines tested and having PAT Test Labels pasted on the machines. The main reason of success of these PAT Testing Stickers is that due to heavy machinery, your company needs to assure your employees that they are safe and that the machine are not injurious to health.
PAT Test Stickers basically give the employees a sense of assurance and a guarantee that everything is in order and the machines they are working with won’t harm their health. The PAT Testing Labels show that the machines and various other equipments have been inspected thoroughly for any problem so that they don’t malfunction in the near future.
As a result of these PAT Testing Stickers, employees are more confident that whatever device they are using has been inspected and is safe to use. Moreover, they know that through these PAT Test Stickers authenticity that the stickers which say that the devices are safe are truly safe and would not have any detrimental effects on their health or body.
Now it is quite common to ponder over the fact that how can a simple sticker give out so much information about the machine’s health? Well this article would be discussing some of the way these PAT Testing Labels convey their messages to employees and give them the confidence that they are safe.
For starters, PAT Test Stickers are color coded and through the different colors employees can get an idea of what condition the machine is. The basic colors are green, blue and red. Green signifies that all the tests that were conducted on the machine showed that the machine is perfectly healthy for use. Blue indicates that although the device is working properly now, it does need regular check ups in the near future. And lastly, red shows that the machine did not pass the tests that were done on the machine so it is advisable to use it as infrequently as possible or get it repaired.
Moving on to other way than being color coded, PAT Test Stickers contain other valuable information such as when the test were last conducted and when will the next test be conducted. These also give employees who use the machines a better idea of the machine’s health. Lastly, the other valuable information the PAT Testing Labels contain is the person’s name that ran the tests on the machine. In this way, it would be very easy to contact the person if any issues or problems arose in the functioning of the machine. To conclude, I would like to say that for employee loyalty, these stickers can prove to be very efficient.

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