PAT Testing—A Health and Safety Measure

Whenever, laborers, workers, or other staff is employed by some org, it becomes its responsibility to protect them from any health hazard. In any industry, workers are given prime importance, especially in these modern ages when human considerations are coupled with technical developments. PAT Testing Labels are right way in the right direction to protect workers from any accident at the workplace.
The first thing in this concern is to classify the appliances which are to be tested. Mostly portable electric appliances are tested because they pose direct threat as they are held in hands when they are operated. Therefore, extreme care is required to save the technician from electric shock that can be lethal. For precaution measures, PAT Testing Labels are used to resolve the safety issue of the portable appliance. Portable electrical appliances are tested with regular intervals so that they may not harbor any technical defect as can affect their safe use as is promised by the manufacturer. Now, it is understandable that electrical equipment is vulnerable to such defects and the worker who holds them in his hand is exposed to the danger of electric shock which can be light or severe.
It is an obligation onto the employer to ensure healthcare of the workers who are under his dispensation and protect them from any hazard which may come off through human negligence or fault of the equipment or both. Health and safety of workers is also seen by the government at various levels. Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 says that the employer shoulders the responsibility to protect his workers from any risk, minor or fatal. It means no more or no less than the maintenance of electrical portable appliances. To meet this obligation, the employer needs to get his appliances tested and obtain certificates that his gear is well-maintained and safe for use. PAT Testing Labels are there to direct and cohere such testing and set forth a line to meet the criteria.
To ensure the health and safety of the workers, the industrial gear is tested by some team of expert engineers who are professional and they have ample know-how of the task concerned. If a portable electrical appliance is ok, it is pasted with a green sticker that it is Pass and can be used without any health hazard but if it does not meet safety standard, it is pasted with red sticker of Fail. Such stickers as are used for PAT Testing Labels are available in the market at various prices, sizes and designs.
If an employer fails to meet safety standard, he is fined or in some cases imprisoned because no law or government can compromise on public health.
PAT Testing Labels remind the workers that they someone bears the responsibility of their safety and they are not thrown at the random protection claim of the machine. PAT Testing Labels establish trust and confidence in the workers and they do not find themselves at the mercy of chance or mischance.

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