PAT Testing and its Legal Implications

You will be amazed to know that there is no legal provision which can oblige the industrialist or employer in any org to get his portable electric appliance tested and pasted with stickers either they Pass or Fail, whatever be the case. Law, it is true, does not force them to do so but it also does not mean either that they are given a free hand here. They are held responsible for the safety of their workers and this is the point where the method of PAT Testing Labels becomes indirectly legal.
In the UK, more than 2500 people die in workplace related accidents each year and almost 30 of them die due to electric shocks, an alarming rate, you like to call. Therefore, law takes into consideration the human element in such cases and impels severe penalties on the employers in the case of any mishap with the worker: loss of life or burn or any other injury. It has been clearly suggested in the law that the employer is responsible for the safety of the workers and he must take measures to improve the standard of equipment so that the hazard of electric shocks should be minimized to non-existent. Law is pretty severe on it and heavy fines or incarceration is awarded to those who do not meet the set standard or who are found guilty of ignoring workers’ protection from industrial hazards.
Law compels the employer to maintain the equipment and keep up their quality for the security of the workers. It means there should be some external authority to see the matter if the standard of appliances is maintained. It engenders the need of some expert persons who can test the appliances and determine whether they are safe to use or not. For this purpose, there are contractors who handle such affairs. They can be contacted through internet and called on for PAT Testing Labels.
When a contractor is called to test the appliances, he is expected to be expert in such things. Therefore, before lobbing a call to any, check his criteria on net and see if he is capable of doing so and what public report says about him. It is he who will charge fee and against it, take the responsibility of status of the equipment used in the industry. He tests the equipment and pastes the stickers called PAT Testing Labels which indicate the condition of the equipment if it is secure to use or not.
Mostly, the electric shock is a prime concern when a worker wields an electric portable appliance. He, the contractor, pastes stickers Pass which is a green sticker if the equipment is suitable to use and Fail if the case is otherwise. It is not a case of random or superficial birds’ eye view but it calls for technical skills to conclude the working condition of the equipment. There is no doubt that PAT Testing Labels are there to assure the workers that they should be confident while using portable electric appliances.

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