PAT Testing Tools

PAT Testing Tools
Electricity is a massive energy and it works wonder in every sphere of life, be it domestic or industrial but it can be dangerous when a person comes into contact with it directly or indirectly. In the UK, scores of people lose their lives each year due to electric shocks. Main cause of electric shocks is portable electric appliances which are used in homes or in industrial units. Normally they are dependable but sometime, they develop some technical and become terminal to the person who touches them.
To counter the fatalities caused by defective electric appliances, a strategy is devised to ensure the safety of the workers and reduce the rate of accidents. PAT Testing Labels is a way to check the accidents taking place in industries. PAT Testing Labels are stickers which are pasted on the appliances which are tested by some expert person who takes the responsibility of the working standard of the equipment.
Testing of portable electric appliances is entirely a professional case and it calls for certain skills and tools. It is therefore, a well planned organization which takes to the tests of industrial appliances and it is equipped with certain tools and expertise. The very first thing is to approach such firm as is reputed to test the appliances for the safety of your worker and to meet the legal requirements. Law does not compel the employer to get his appliances tested by any firm and paste stickers on them but it, of course, does not absolve him from any accident which takes place in his work place. There is no excuse in such matters and law imposes heavy fines on them.
How to test portable appliances to see if they are safe to use or not? The very first step is of course visual in each case to see the scratch on power cable because it is a prime cause electric shock. It is to be seen whether the plug is not cracked. In wet conditions, electric shocks are prone to be more frequent and more lethal. Therefore, in wet season or place greater care is recommended. All defects of an appliance are not open to naked eye; it requires certain tools to check the status of the machine.
There are many testers available in the market to judge whether the appliance is ok or not. For this purpose, some expert person is needed to test it and then PAT Testing Labels are pasted on the machine. The PAT Testing Labels show whether the equipment is secure to use or not. Red and green stickers are used as PAT Testing Labels to mark the condition of the appliance. If the machine is ok and immune to any fault, green sticker is pasted on it. It read Pass but it the machine is faulty, red sticker is used which reads fail. Electric testing shows the condition of the machine and the way it behaves. If there is any queer noise or spark appears during the work, the technician must stop the work, unplug the machine and report the admin.

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