Informational Module of PAT Test Stickers

What are PAT Test Stickers and what is the regulation which impels you to paste them on the portable appliances? These are honest questions and they must be answered for the knowledge of common citizens who remain inquisitive in almost every case which skips their understanding. The simplest answer to these questions is that these PAT Test Stickers are actually labels which show the status of a portable appliance whether it is safe to use or not.
It is a common knowledge that electricity is lethal agent when goes out of order and hence can’t be relied up blindly. Portable appliances become somewhat risky tools when they remain in constant use and are left unchecked. The fear always looms large that they may develop any technical fault which may result in electric shock or burning or they may cause any property damage. To defy these fears, the appliances are to be tested and inspected by some expert agency to see if they are usable or not. When the appliances are tested, they are pasted with PAT Test Stickers which mark the features of their stipulation.
The information publicized through the PAT Test Stickers is very important for the persons who come into first-hand contact with the tested appliances, as it assures them that someone shares the responsibility of their safety and the tools are properly tested and hence, can be used without any fear. They feel a sense of security while working with these appliances, and as a rule, their confidence is imperative to let the things get going, otherwise they will all the time fearing of electric shock which will mar their working capacity. Mostly the PAT Test Stickers displays PASS or FAIL as per the condition of the portable appliance is concerned.
Since colors indicate some conditions, they are used to inform people of the status of the things around them. Red is traditionally a sign of warning, therefore, the FAIL stickers is made of red color; while on the other hand, green which is a signal of ‘all correct’ is used for PASS stickers. This division of colors is very important because the color stay even when words are erased by constant use. These colors can be seen from a distance and the workers have no need to read the words printed on the stickers. When a worker approaches a portable appliance, he chooses it while seeing green label on it. The next step is to see the information shown on the PAT Test Labels.
When some agency is called for inspection of the portable appliances, it has expert persons who test the equipment and then declare their condition. The PAT Test Stickers which they paste on the appliances bear information about the agency, either in the form of printed words or monogram with the date of testing and the date of re-testing, as per requirement. Some modern testers can read bar coded stickers and gather information about their conditions. With the passage of time, testing process is gaining worldwide drift.

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