Portable Appliance Testing Parameters

Is PAT Testing a legal requirement? Many TV shows and ads assert that it is but reality is incongruous to this claim. PAT Test Labels are not legal prerequisite in any department or org but its need arises out of safety of those who work there. PAT Test Labels have some certain parameters which are to be followed to ascertain the protection of workers.
In an industrial set up, many portable machines which are powered by electricity are used for different tasks. It goes without saying that electric equipment may be dangerous at times that is the most unfortunate one. The person who uses it may receive electric shock or burns or some other injury which may be result of rotation of the component. PAT Test Labels aim at the prevention of electric shock. It is compulsory in every organization in the UK that safety of workers should be given the prime importance and no compromise should be made on it. If there are many electric appliances, categorical series of tests is conducted to make sure that all of them are working well within the safety limits.
To adjudge various machines of diverse capacity and power, different testers are available. When each test is conducted, its reading is noted and printed by hand on a certain label which guides the user about the parameters of PAT Tests Labels. The equipment is checked and its specifications are noted on the label. For this purpose, a special team of checkers is deputed. Labeling should be honestly, candidly and vigilantly assessed so that the workers should be saved from any mishap.
When someone accepts the job in a factory or mill, he actually accepts the authority of the org which becomes responsible for his physical safety. This is the object of PAT Tests. In advance countries like UK, they are imparted much importance. In normal condition, equipment is properly checked and the findings are noted on the label which is wrapped about the machine. It makes the task of analysis very easy and proper because all workers know which appliances are trustworthy under which conditions. When labels are used to mention the status of tools, they do have some expiry date and it is believed that till that date, the appliance is safe to use. After the expiry date, the appliance concerned is again tested and seen if it can work without posing any threat to life and safety of workers. PAT Test Labels are a scientific way to manage the whole affair which, if not properly handled, can cause serious danger and pose life threat.
There are specific teams to conduct PAT Tests and they do monthly tests as legal requirements but you need to be careful because they charge commission, so they are in an unnecessary hurry to test more and more orgs and coin money. The parameters of PAT Testing Labels are simple: Have it done properly for the safety of your workers, not merely for legal requirement or paper work.

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