PAT Testers

Electrical equipment operated in industries and mills may involve certain risks like electric shocks or burns or overheating which may be very dangerous. To counter such perils and hazards, all working units of the UK follow safety measures under PAT Test Labels which stand for portable appliance testing.
Portable appliance of all kind is, though safe in normal circumstances, vulnerable to electric shocks at any time on account of mishandling of the equipment or due to some fault of the machine, in-built or later developed with frequent use. Portable machines, when they are to be wielded, are held in hands and the worker has to be very careful in their use. He puts on safety gear like shock proof gloves and rubber shoes but when everything possible is done, he has to count on the quality of the equipment.
Portable appliance is basically a machine which is held in hand and plugged with an electric lead into the socket installed for power supply. It can be carried from one place to another place and for long reach; additional leads can also be used. Mostly, such machines are made after certain quality parameters and the technician is sure of his safety but electricity is a thing least reliable. Many people experience electric shocks or burns when they are not expecting them to occur and luckily they survive but sometimes, they are not so fortunate.
The major thing to ward off electric shock is that the person who is to use an electric portable machine should be expert and properly geared. Secondly, the machine should meet safety standard set by the government and it should be checked regularly with testers especially made for such purpose. PAT Test Labels are a certain way to test the quality of portable appliance. The technician should see if the machine he is using is made for the same purpose because any innovative action for which the machine was not designed can invite risk. PAT Test Labels suggest that the lead and plug of the machine should be checked properly to see if the plug was not cracked or the cable was not de-insulated as it is a common cause of accidents when the worker remains unnoticed that the machine is in good quality but its power cable has developed some scratch. Any portable appliance which falls from height is liable to become dangerous to use because its safety panel which prevents electric shock can be damaged. In damp and wet conditions, electric appliance tends to become more vulnerable to electric shock.
It is advised to use PAT testers which can determine the condition of the appliance if it can be used safely of not. Every working unit is liable to have PAT Testers to check the quality of the equipment to save the workers. It is better to get all the appliances checked regularly and make an appendix of their features and the worker should read it before handling the machine. Nothing is more precious than life and it is a simple rule to govern all and this is the very concern of PAT Testing Labels .

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