The Variety of Appliances That PAT Testing Stickers Can Be Used For

PAT testing stickers are used to indicate the safety levels of portable appliances. All businesses that operate in the UK are mandated by governmental regulations to regularly comply with PAT, also known as portable appliance testing. The whole point of these tests is to make sure that the machines that are used by businesses in the UK are running at optimal levels and that people are not using machines that are at risk of malfunctioning or have the ability to cause harm due to serious internal issues. PAT testing stickers are used to indicate the safety levels of the machines. People can then be informed about the state of the appliances that they use within their workplace. Acquiring PAT testing labels is an important aspect of running a business in accordance with UK regulations.

PAT testing stickers must be placed on all the various electronic devices that need tested within a company. This number obviously can vary, but no matter how many appliances are used it is always a good idea to keep a decent supply of PAT testing labels on hand for the testing and labeling process. They are generally seen in three different colors. Red PAT testing stickers mean that a machine did not pass the testing and that it should not be used under any circumstances. The safety of the workers that use the machine can be severely compromised so the machine should be replaced as quickly as possible. The blue PAT testing stickers indicate that although a machine did pass the current testing, it should be monitored closely because a malfunction could occur at any time. Devices that merit green PAT testing stickers indicate that they are working within normal limits with no problems that can be seen for the foreseeable future. Normal use is recommended for machines with the green PAT testing labels.

When someone is looking into buying PAT testing stickers they will usually find out that there are a number of choices available. Business can even find companies that will personalize PAT testing labels, which is a convenient option for almost any company. Other details can be put on the PAT labels as well. Stocking up well in advance will help to ensure that you do not run out of the PAT testing stickers at an inopportune time. One good idea is to invest in a variety pack of PAT testing labels that include the blue, red and green stickers so that you have what you need exactly when you need it.

In order to be considered valid, the PAT testing stickers will have numerous types of information recorded on them. This information will include the date of the testing along with the expected date of the next test. Another important detail is the name of the inspector that is conducting the test along with the machine’s serial number. Keep in mind that the testing should always be done by a certified and competent individual who is well-versed in PAT processes. Using PAT testing stickers will help to ensure that your business is running properly in regards to safety regulations and codes. PAT testing labels should become an important aspect of your business in order to comply with government regulations.

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