Completing the Safety Test Process With PAT Testing Stickers

Regular testing of the different pieces of electrical equipment that are used in the workplace is mandated by rules as set forth by the government. It is done to make sure that all electrical equipment is operating at optimum levels. PAT testing stickers are used to indicate the condition of the machine after the tests are conducted. The appliances are tested using specific types of equipment which can read the machines in question, resulting in readings that will let the inspector and therefore the business know the relative safety and functioning of the machine. PAT testing labels can give workers the pertinent information regarding each machine that they use in their daily work routines.

In order for the PAT testing labels to be used correctly there are certain types of information that must be entered on to them. The labels should have the company name on them, as well as the identification number or serial number of the machine that is being tested. Matching the serial numbers is very important so that there are no discrepancies. The person’s name that is conducting the testing will also be on the PAT testing stickers, along with the date of the test and the expected date of the next test. All of that information is needed in regards to maintaining the knowledge regarding the operation of the machine.

There are a few different steps involved in a PAT test. First of all, the correct testing device for each piece of equipment must be used. The testing device is then hooked up to the portable appliance and the testing commences. Afterwards, the test results are read. At that time, the machine in question is given a grade of pass or fail. Machines that pass the test are given green PAT testing stickers. The devices that fail the test are given red PAT testing labels. In some cases, more in-depth testing measures can be done. Depending on the reading, a machine may be given a blue PAT testing label. This indicates that the device is not operating at optimum levels but it is still usable as long as it is monitored closely.

In order to keep workplace safety levels where they should be, the use of PAT testing stickers is absolutely imperative. They should be affixed to every different appliance so that workers know exactly what their safety levels are considered to be. Not utilizing the PAT labels can create serious liability issues. Without them, there is no way to tell whether or not a device is safe to use, and that can result in the risk of injury to the employee and the business. Making sure to utilize PAT testing on a regular basis is a smart idea for any business. It can provide the information that is needed to make sure that the workplace is safe and that the use of the everyday machines can be done without fear of malfunctioning. After all, adhering to safety regulations is an important part of owning a business.

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The usage of PAT Testing Stickers is a great safety information resource. PAT Testing Labels can be found for your business at PAT Label.

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