PAT Testing Stickers , the ease of buying and using!

The Ease of Buying and Using PAT Testing Stickers

Safety in the workplace is a hot topic among businesses and the government. Portable appliance testing is a regulated process that needs special attention at regular intervals within the workplace. Although business owners certainly cannot control all aspects that may or may not bring danger into a situation, the one area that they can control is in regards to keeping machines safe so that they are always up to code and do not present the risk of injury to employees. Electric safety levels should be taken very seriously and PAT testing stickers can immensely help a business to stay within the guides of government safety regulations.

One of the most notable and convenient aspects of PAT testing labels is that they employ the ease of color coding for easy reading. Each different color represents the safety level of a particular machine following testing. The lowest level of PAT test labels is the red PAT testing stickers. If a machine is affixed with a red label that indicates that worker safety will be severely risked due to malfunctioning of the machine. The machine should be replaced immediately as it is a liability to the company if it is kept. Blue testing stickers are another used when a machine’s safety levels are still considered within normal limits but the chances of a malfunction could happen very soon. Devices with blue PAT test labels need to be tested again within a short period of time to ensure that their safety isn’t compromised. Green PAT testing stickers indicate that a machine has passed the testing with flying colors and that no further action is needed until the next scheduled test date.

There are many details included on the PAT test labels. Spaces to record the date of the current tests along with the dates for the next required test are on the PAT testing stickers. There are also places to record what type of machine is being tested and the company’s name. The name of the person performing the test will also be on the label. If there are any questions or problems that arise at a later date this person will be the one contacted in order to help resolve those issues. PAT testing stickers are fairly straightforward so that any type of business can use them easily to make sure that their portable appliances are working and up to code.

Ordering PAT testing stickers is quite simple. One of the most convenient things about the PAT test labels is that they can be ordered so that your company’s name is pre-printed on the tags themselves. This type of user friendly format is very popular and should be used whenever possible to make the process a little easier. After all, as a business owner you are probably always looking for ways to make your life a bit easier and pre-printed PAT testing stickers can go a long way towards doing just that!

A work environment that uses PAT testing stickers is one that relies on the value of the safety of its employees. The workers in a company that utilizes the PAT test labels will appreciate the business’s attention to safety and detail. That’s why performing the testing at regular intervals is so important and should be done. Workers that are unsure about equipment that they work in and around are generally not as satisfied as workers who know that their employers follow the recommended safety guidelines for PAT testing.

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