PAT Test Stickers : Keeping your employees safe

PAT Test Labels can be quite beneficial for almost all manufacturing companies. These manufacturing companies are basically capital intensive which means that they employ much more machinery than human labor. Hence, this means that the employees of the company basically operate the heavy machinery, hence they need to be at ease while using the heavy equipment and big electronic devices. This can be done by getting your machines tested and having PAT Test Labels pasted on the machines. The main reason of success of these PAT Testing Stickers is that due to heavy machinery, your company needs to assure your employees that they are safe and that the machine are not injurious to health.
PAT Test Stickers basically give the employees a sense of assurance and a guarantee that everything is in order and the machines they are working with won’t harm their health. The PAT Testing Labels show that the machines and various other equipments have been inspected thoroughly for any problem so that they don’t malfunction in the near future.
As a result of these PAT Testing Stickers, employees are more confident that whatever device they are using has been inspected and is safe to use. Moreover, they know that through these PAT Test Stickers authenticity that the stickers which say that the devices are safe are truly safe and would not have any detrimental effects on their health or body.
Now it is quite common to ponder over the fact that how can a simple sticker give out so much information about the machine’s health? Well this article would be discussing some of the way these PAT Testing Labels convey their messages to employees and give them the confidence that they are safe.
For starters, PAT Test Stickers are color coded and through the different colors employees can get an idea of what condition the machine is. The basic colors are green, blue and red. Green signifies that all the tests that were conducted on the machine showed that the machine is perfectly healthy for use. Blue indicates that although the device is working properly now, it does need regular check ups in the near future. And lastly, red shows that the machine did not pass the tests that were done on the machine so it is advisable to use it as infrequently as possible or get it repaired.
Moving on to other way than being color coded, PAT Test Stickers contain other valuable information such as when the test were last conducted and when will the next test be conducted. These also give employees who use the machines a better idea of the machine’s health. Lastly, the other valuable information the PAT Testing Labels contain is the person’s name that ran the tests on the machine. In this way, it would be very easy to contact the person if any issues or problems arose in the functioning of the machine. To conclude, I would like to say that for employee loyalty, these stickers can prove to be very efficient.

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PAT Testing—A Health and Safety Measure

Whenever, laborers, workers, or other staff is employed by some org, it becomes its responsibility to protect them from any health hazard. In any industry, workers are given prime importance, especially in these modern ages when human considerations are coupled with technical developments. PAT Testing Labels are right way in the right direction to protect workers from any accident at the workplace.
The first thing in this concern is to classify the appliances which are to be tested. Mostly portable electric appliances are tested because they pose direct threat as they are held in hands when they are operated. Therefore, extreme care is required to save the technician from electric shock that can be lethal. For precaution measures, PAT Testing Labels are used to resolve the safety issue of the portable appliance. Portable electrical appliances are tested with regular intervals so that they may not harbor any technical defect as can affect their safe use as is promised by the manufacturer. Now, it is understandable that electrical equipment is vulnerable to such defects and the worker who holds them in his hand is exposed to the danger of electric shock which can be light or severe.
It is an obligation onto the employer to ensure healthcare of the workers who are under his dispensation and protect them from any hazard which may come off through human negligence or fault of the equipment or both. Health and safety of workers is also seen by the government at various levels. Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 says that the employer shoulders the responsibility to protect his workers from any risk, minor or fatal. It means no more or no less than the maintenance of electrical portable appliances. To meet this obligation, the employer needs to get his appliances tested and obtain certificates that his gear is well-maintained and safe for use. PAT Testing Labels are there to direct and cohere such testing and set forth a line to meet the criteria.
To ensure the health and safety of the workers, the industrial gear is tested by some team of expert engineers who are professional and they have ample know-how of the task concerned. If a portable electrical appliance is ok, it is pasted with a green sticker that it is Pass and can be used without any health hazard but if it does not meet safety standard, it is pasted with red sticker of Fail. Such stickers as are used for PAT Testing Labels are available in the market at various prices, sizes and designs.
If an employer fails to meet safety standard, he is fined or in some cases imprisoned because no law or government can compromise on public health.
PAT Testing Labels remind the workers that they someone bears the responsibility of their safety and they are not thrown at the random protection claim of the machine. PAT Testing Labels establish trust and confidence in the workers and they do not find themselves at the mercy of chance or mischance.

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PAT Testing and its Legal Implications

You will be amazed to know that there is no legal provision which can oblige the industrialist or employer in any org to get his portable electric appliance tested and pasted with stickers either they Pass or Fail, whatever be the case. Law, it is true, does not force them to do so but it also does not mean either that they are given a free hand here. They are held responsible for the safety of their workers and this is the point where the method of PAT Testing Labels becomes indirectly legal.
In the UK, more than 2500 people die in workplace related accidents each year and almost 30 of them die due to electric shocks, an alarming rate, you like to call. Therefore, law takes into consideration the human element in such cases and impels severe penalties on the employers in the case of any mishap with the worker: loss of life or burn or any other injury. It has been clearly suggested in the law that the employer is responsible for the safety of the workers and he must take measures to improve the standard of equipment so that the hazard of electric shocks should be minimized to non-existent. Law is pretty severe on it and heavy fines or incarceration is awarded to those who do not meet the set standard or who are found guilty of ignoring workers’ protection from industrial hazards.
Law compels the employer to maintain the equipment and keep up their quality for the security of the workers. It means there should be some external authority to see the matter if the standard of appliances is maintained. It engenders the need of some expert persons who can test the appliances and determine whether they are safe to use or not. For this purpose, there are contractors who handle such affairs. They can be contacted through internet and called on for PAT Testing Labels.
When a contractor is called to test the appliances, he is expected to be expert in such things. Therefore, before lobbing a call to any, check his criteria on net and see if he is capable of doing so and what public report says about him. It is he who will charge fee and against it, take the responsibility of status of the equipment used in the industry. He tests the equipment and pastes the stickers called PAT Testing Labels which indicate the condition of the equipment if it is secure to use or not.
Mostly, the electric shock is a prime concern when a worker wields an electric portable appliance. He, the contractor, pastes stickers Pass which is a green sticker if the equipment is suitable to use and Fail if the case is otherwise. It is not a case of random or superficial birds’ eye view but it calls for technical skills to conclude the working condition of the equipment. There is no doubt that PAT Testing Labels are there to assure the workers that they should be confident while using portable electric appliances.

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PAT Testing Tools

PAT Testing Tools
Electricity is a massive energy and it works wonder in every sphere of life, be it domestic or industrial but it can be dangerous when a person comes into contact with it directly or indirectly. In the UK, scores of people lose their lives each year due to electric shocks. Main cause of electric shocks is portable electric appliances which are used in homes or in industrial units. Normally they are dependable but sometime, they develop some technical and become terminal to the person who touches them.
To counter the fatalities caused by defective electric appliances, a strategy is devised to ensure the safety of the workers and reduce the rate of accidents. PAT Testing Labels is a way to check the accidents taking place in industries. PAT Testing Labels are stickers which are pasted on the appliances which are tested by some expert person who takes the responsibility of the working standard of the equipment.
Testing of portable electric appliances is entirely a professional case and it calls for certain skills and tools. It is therefore, a well planned organization which takes to the tests of industrial appliances and it is equipped with certain tools and expertise. The very first thing is to approach such firm as is reputed to test the appliances for the safety of your worker and to meet the legal requirements. Law does not compel the employer to get his appliances tested by any firm and paste stickers on them but it, of course, does not absolve him from any accident which takes place in his work place. There is no excuse in such matters and law imposes heavy fines on them.
How to test portable appliances to see if they are safe to use or not? The very first step is of course visual in each case to see the scratch on power cable because it is a prime cause electric shock. It is to be seen whether the plug is not cracked. In wet conditions, electric shocks are prone to be more frequent and more lethal. Therefore, in wet season or place greater care is recommended. All defects of an appliance are not open to naked eye; it requires certain tools to check the status of the machine.
There are many testers available in the market to judge whether the appliance is ok or not. For this purpose, some expert person is needed to test it and then PAT Testing Labels are pasted on the machine. The PAT Testing Labels show whether the equipment is secure to use or not. Red and green stickers are used as PAT Testing Labels to mark the condition of the appliance. If the machine is ok and immune to any fault, green sticker is pasted on it. It read Pass but it the machine is faulty, red sticker is used which reads fail. Electric testing shows the condition of the machine and the way it behaves. If there is any queer noise or spark appears during the work, the technician must stop the work, unplug the machine and report the admin.

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Informational Module of PAT Test Stickers

What are PAT Test Stickers and what is the regulation which impels you to paste them on the portable appliances? These are honest questions and they must be answered for the knowledge of common citizens who remain inquisitive in almost every case which skips their understanding. The simplest answer to these questions is that these PAT Test Stickers are actually labels which show the status of a portable appliance whether it is safe to use or not.
It is a common knowledge that electricity is lethal agent when goes out of order and hence can’t be relied up blindly. Portable appliances become somewhat risky tools when they remain in constant use and are left unchecked. The fear always looms large that they may develop any technical fault which may result in electric shock or burning or they may cause any property damage. To defy these fears, the appliances are to be tested and inspected by some expert agency to see if they are usable or not. When the appliances are tested, they are pasted with PAT Test Stickers which mark the features of their stipulation.
The information publicized through the PAT Test Stickers is very important for the persons who come into first-hand contact with the tested appliances, as it assures them that someone shares the responsibility of their safety and the tools are properly tested and hence, can be used without any fear. They feel a sense of security while working with these appliances, and as a rule, their confidence is imperative to let the things get going, otherwise they will all the time fearing of electric shock which will mar their working capacity. Mostly the PAT Test Stickers displays PASS or FAIL as per the condition of the portable appliance is concerned.
Since colors indicate some conditions, they are used to inform people of the status of the things around them. Red is traditionally a sign of warning, therefore, the FAIL stickers is made of red color; while on the other hand, green which is a signal of ‘all correct’ is used for PASS stickers. This division of colors is very important because the color stay even when words are erased by constant use. These colors can be seen from a distance and the workers have no need to read the words printed on the stickers. When a worker approaches a portable appliance, he chooses it while seeing green label on it. The next step is to see the information shown on the PAT Test Labels.
When some agency is called for inspection of the portable appliances, it has expert persons who test the equipment and then declare their condition. The PAT Test Stickers which they paste on the appliances bear information about the agency, either in the form of printed words or monogram with the date of testing and the date of re-testing, as per requirement. Some modern testers can read bar coded stickers and gather information about their conditions. With the passage of time, testing process is gaining worldwide drift.

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Portable Appliance Testing Parameters

Is PAT Testing a legal requirement? Many TV shows and ads assert that it is but reality is incongruous to this claim. PAT Test Labels are not legal prerequisite in any department or org but its need arises out of safety of those who work there. PAT Test Labels have some certain parameters which are to be followed to ascertain the protection of workers.
In an industrial set up, many portable machines which are powered by electricity are used for different tasks. It goes without saying that electric equipment may be dangerous at times that is the most unfortunate one. The person who uses it may receive electric shock or burns or some other injury which may be result of rotation of the component. PAT Test Labels aim at the prevention of electric shock. It is compulsory in every organization in the UK that safety of workers should be given the prime importance and no compromise should be made on it. If there are many electric appliances, categorical series of tests is conducted to make sure that all of them are working well within the safety limits.
To adjudge various machines of diverse capacity and power, different testers are available. When each test is conducted, its reading is noted and printed by hand on a certain label which guides the user about the parameters of PAT Tests Labels. The equipment is checked and its specifications are noted on the label. For this purpose, a special team of checkers is deputed. Labeling should be honestly, candidly and vigilantly assessed so that the workers should be saved from any mishap.
When someone accepts the job in a factory or mill, he actually accepts the authority of the org which becomes responsible for his physical safety. This is the object of PAT Tests. In advance countries like UK, they are imparted much importance. In normal condition, equipment is properly checked and the findings are noted on the label which is wrapped about the machine. It makes the task of analysis very easy and proper because all workers know which appliances are trustworthy under which conditions. When labels are used to mention the status of tools, they do have some expiry date and it is believed that till that date, the appliance is safe to use. After the expiry date, the appliance concerned is again tested and seen if it can work without posing any threat to life and safety of workers. PAT Test Labels are a scientific way to manage the whole affair which, if not properly handled, can cause serious danger and pose life threat.
There are specific teams to conduct PAT Tests and they do monthly tests as legal requirements but you need to be careful because they charge commission, so they are in an unnecessary hurry to test more and more orgs and coin money. The parameters of PAT Testing Labels are simple: Have it done properly for the safety of your workers, not merely for legal requirement or paper work.

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PAT Testers

Electrical equipment operated in industries and mills may involve certain risks like electric shocks or burns or overheating which may be very dangerous. To counter such perils and hazards, all working units of the UK follow safety measures under PAT Test Labels which stand for portable appliance testing.
Portable appliance of all kind is, though safe in normal circumstances, vulnerable to electric shocks at any time on account of mishandling of the equipment or due to some fault of the machine, in-built or later developed with frequent use. Portable machines, when they are to be wielded, are held in hands and the worker has to be very careful in their use. He puts on safety gear like shock proof gloves and rubber shoes but when everything possible is done, he has to count on the quality of the equipment.
Portable appliance is basically a machine which is held in hand and plugged with an electric lead into the socket installed for power supply. It can be carried from one place to another place and for long reach; additional leads can also be used. Mostly, such machines are made after certain quality parameters and the technician is sure of his safety but electricity is a thing least reliable. Many people experience electric shocks or burns when they are not expecting them to occur and luckily they survive but sometimes, they are not so fortunate.
The major thing to ward off electric shock is that the person who is to use an electric portable machine should be expert and properly geared. Secondly, the machine should meet safety standard set by the government and it should be checked regularly with testers especially made for such purpose. PAT Test Labels are a certain way to test the quality of portable appliance. The technician should see if the machine he is using is made for the same purpose because any innovative action for which the machine was not designed can invite risk. PAT Test Labels suggest that the lead and plug of the machine should be checked properly to see if the plug was not cracked or the cable was not de-insulated as it is a common cause of accidents when the worker remains unnoticed that the machine is in good quality but its power cable has developed some scratch. Any portable appliance which falls from height is liable to become dangerous to use because its safety panel which prevents electric shock can be damaged. In damp and wet conditions, electric appliance tends to become more vulnerable to electric shock.
It is advised to use PAT testers which can determine the condition of the appliance if it can be used safely of not. Every working unit is liable to have PAT Testers to check the quality of the equipment to save the workers. It is better to get all the appliances checked regularly and make an appendix of their features and the worker should read it before handling the machine. Nothing is more precious than life and it is a simple rule to govern all and this is the very concern of PAT Testing Labels .

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Be Safe: Use PAT Testing Labels for All Your Machinery

PAT Test Stickers are not all about pasting colored stickers on machines. They are about ensuring the employees and workers who work with the machines of the fact that the electronic appliances are in fact safe to work with. Many times workers’ health is damaged due to malfunctioning of various machines and electronic devices at their work place. This causes an inborn fear in them that machines would be harmful to their health. Hence, the main advantage of these PAT Testing Labels is to eliminate the fear of getting injured or sick due to machinery.
These brightly colored PAT Testing Labels are pasted on machines with the main aim of maintaining the workers confidence that the devices they are using would not harm them in any way. With the fear of being harmed eliminated, the workers’ productivity would increase by a great amount and you would notice that your business has grown significantly.
Moreover, these PAT Test Labels have valuable information mentioned on them which is quite valuable for businesses which are capital intensive such as manufacturing companies. One of the most important pieces of information mentioned on PAT Test Stickers is about when the tests were conducted and when do the next tests need to be conducted. Using this data mentioned on the PAT Testing Labels it is quite easy to sort out machinery on the basis of which ones need immediate testing and which do not need to be tested for a while. Via this method PAT Testing Labels make sure that proper attention is given to the machinery especially in terms of regular testing.
Another way PAT Testing Labels ensure proper and efficient testing and monitoring of machines and electrical equipment is by having the stickers color coded. The different colors would indicate which machines need immediate attention and which ones are in perfect working order. Some of the most common colors used on PAT Test Stickers are red, blue and green. These colored PAT Testing Labelsare indicators of the health of the machines. The red colored one shows that the machine needs immediate attention and is not fit for work. The blue one show that the machine is in working order by needs to be tested at regular intervals and the next check up should be done in a short while. Lastly, the green colored one states that the machine is totally safe for use and will not pose any problem in the near future.
Another important thing that is mentioned on the PAT Testing Labels is the person’s name who conducted the test. This is quite useful because if any problem arises due to nay reason then you can easily contact the person who conducted the test and gave the machine a safety health bill.
Hence, from all the mentioned above advantages of these useful and important stickers we can see how important and beneficial they can be fore any company who extensively uses machines. So for all your PAT Testing Labels needs visit

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The Variety of Appliances That PAT Testing Stickers Can Be Used For

PAT testing stickers are used to indicate the safety levels of portable appliances. All businesses that operate in the UK are mandated by governmental regulations to regularly comply with PAT, also known as portable appliance testing. The whole point of these tests is to make sure that the machines that are used by businesses in the UK are running at optimal levels and that people are not using machines that are at risk of malfunctioning or have the ability to cause harm due to serious internal issues. PAT testing stickers are used to indicate the safety levels of the machines. People can then be informed about the state of the appliances that they use within their workplace. Acquiring PAT testing labels is an important aspect of running a business in accordance with UK regulations.

PAT testing stickers must be placed on all the various electronic devices that need tested within a company. This number obviously can vary, but no matter how many appliances are used it is always a good idea to keep a decent supply of PAT testing labels on hand for the testing and labeling process. They are generally seen in three different colors. Red PAT testing stickers mean that a machine did not pass the testing and that it should not be used under any circumstances. The safety of the workers that use the machine can be severely compromised so the machine should be replaced as quickly as possible. The blue PAT testing stickers indicate that although a machine did pass the current testing, it should be monitored closely because a malfunction could occur at any time. Devices that merit green PAT testing stickers indicate that they are working within normal limits with no problems that can be seen for the foreseeable future. Normal use is recommended for machines with the green PAT testing labels.

When someone is looking into buying PAT testing stickers they will usually find out that there are a number of choices available. Business can even find companies that will personalize PAT testing labels, which is a convenient option for almost any company. Other details can be put on the PAT labels as well. Stocking up well in advance will help to ensure that you do not run out of the PAT testing stickers at an inopportune time. One good idea is to invest in a variety pack of PAT testing labels that include the blue, red and green stickers so that you have what you need exactly when you need it.

In order to be considered valid, the PAT testing stickers will have numerous types of information recorded on them. This information will include the date of the testing along with the expected date of the next test. Another important detail is the name of the inspector that is conducting the test along with the machine’s serial number. Keep in mind that the testing should always be done by a certified and competent individual who is well-versed in PAT processes. Using PAT testing stickers will help to ensure that your business is running properly in regards to safety regulations and codes. PAT testing labels should become an important aspect of your business in order to comply with government regulations.

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PAT Testing Labels are needed so that your business can be compliant with safety regulations. Use PAT Label for all of your PAT Testing Stickers needs.

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